Policy Team Project Manager

GovAI was founded to help humanity navigate the transition to a world with advanced AI. One way we accomplish that mission is by developing concrete recommendations for what influential actors (such as regulatory agencies and AI companies) should do today to manage emerging risks and opportunities from advanced AI systems. We are looking for a Policy Project Manager to support that work.

As Policy Project Manager, you will work closely with GovAI's Head of Policy, Markus Anderljung; our Policy Team; and others at GovAI involved in policy engagement. You will facilitate our policy engagement, boost the Policy Team’s research output, and support its smooth functioning.

Applications for the Policy Team Project Manager position are now closed.

About the Team

GovAI was founded to help humanity navigate the transition to a world with advanced AI. Our first research agenda, published in 2018, helped define and shape the nascent field of AI governance. Our team and affiliate community possess expertise in a wide variety of domains, including AI regulation, responsible development practices, compute governance, AI company corporate governance, US-China relations, and AI progress forecasting.

GovAI researchers have closely advised decision makers in government, industry, and civil society. Our researchers have also published in top peer-reviewed journals and conferences, including International Organization, NeurIPS, and Science. Our alumni have gone on to roles in government, in both the US and UK; top AI companies, including DeepMind, OpenAI, and Anthropic; top think tanks, including the Centre for Security and Emerging Technology and RAND; and top universities, including the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.

GovAI’s Policy Team aims to develop concrete recommendations for what influential actors (such as regulatory agencies and AI companies) should do today to manage emerging risks and opportunities from advanced AI systems. In addition to research, the team engages in advising and public communication. The team works collaboratively and has a current focus on frontier AI regulation, compute governance, external scrutiny of frontier models, and corporate governance for AI companies.

Role Description 

As Policy Project Manager, you will work closely with GovAI’s Head of Policy, our Policy Team, and others at GovAI involved in policy engagement. Initial responsibilities will include:

Facilitating GovAI’s policy engagement

  • Organise events aimed at UK policymakers (roundtables, breakfasts, etc.), possibly with help from contractors. 
  • Help the team prepare for various policy engagement opportunities, e.g. producing memos and summaries of our work. 
  • Support the development and execution of policy engagement plans, primarily in the UK, but also in the US and the EU. 
  • Potentially, organise other events where appropriate. 

Boosting the Policy Team’s research output

  • Maintain a clear overview of the team’s research projects. 
  • Support research projects, including sourcing external feedback and copy-editing support.
  • Improve our research communication pipeline, including writing opinion pieces and blog posts based on published research. 

Supporting the smooth functioning of the team

  • Ensure the team is tracking its policy engagement. 
  • Organise policy team retreats. 
  • Provide some calendar management support. 
  • Help onboard new staff. 
  • Provide input on team strategy. 

Proactively identifying and unblocking bottlenecks to our work. Ultimately, the purpose of the role is to boost the team’s impact.


Selection Criteria

We’re selecting for candidates who are:

  • Excited by the opportunity to use their careers to positively influence the lasting impact of artificial intelligence, in line with our organisation’s mission.
  • Highly organised and competent at project management. This role will require the ability to manage complicated and concurrent work streams, and we need someone who can demonstrate highly structured work habits, confidence in prioritising between tasks, and a conscientious approach to organisation. You will also need high attention to detail to ensure the flawless execution of administrative and organisational tasks.
  • Driven by a desire to produce excellent work and achieve valuable results. Successful candidates will actively seek out feedback and opportunities to improve their skills.
  • Comfortable with working as part of a fast-moving team and working under pressure. Able to take high-level directions from our Head of Policy and other team members in a collaborative working relationship.
  • Excellent at oral and written communication. This role will require clear and prompt communication with a wide range of stakeholders, both over email and in person.
  • Knowledgeable about the field of AI governance and GovAI’s work in particular. This role will require a solid understanding of current topics in the field – like responsible scaling policies, capabilities evaluations, and compute governance – as well as at least some familiarity with recent major policy developments in AI governance, like the Biden-Administration Executive Order, the UK AI Safety Summit, and the EU AI Act.
  • Able and motivated to inform our decisions on what opportunities to pursue.
  • Experienced with navigating and contributing to policy processes, or interested in learning to do so. Prior policy experience is desirable but not a requirement.

Salary and location

This position is full-time and will report to our Head of Policy. Our offices are located in Oxford, UK, and we strongly prefer team members to be based either in Oxford or in London, although we are open to hiring individuals who require short periods of remote work. We are able to sponsor visas. 

The Policy Project Manager will be compensated in line with our salary principles. As such, the salary for this role will depend on the successful applicant’s experience and location. We expect the range to be between £55,000 (~$69,000) and £70,000 (~$88,000) if based in Oxford and between £60,000 (~$76,000) and £76,000 (~$96,000) if based in London. In rare cases where salary considerations would prevent a candidate from accepting an offer, there may also be some flexibility in compensation.

Benefits associated with the role include health, dental, and vision insurance, a £5,000 annual wellbeing budget, an annual commuting budget, flexible work hours, extended parental leave, ergonomic equipment, a 10% pension contribution, and 33 days of paid vacation (including Bank Holidays). 


How to Apply‍ and What to Expect

Applications for this position are now closed. The application process consists of a written submission in the first round, a paid remote work test in the second round, and an interview in the final round. We also conduct reference checks for all candidates we interview.

GovAI is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and we encourage individuals with underrepresented perspectives and backgrounds to apply. We especially encourage applications from women, gender minorities, people of colour, and people from regions other than North America and Western Europe who are excited about contributing to our mission. We are an equal opportunity employer and want to make it as easy as possible for everyone who joins our team to thrive in our workplace. 

If you would need a decision communicated by a particular date, need assistance with the application due to a disability,, or have any other questions about applying, please email recruitment@governance.ai.

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