Announcing the GovAI Policy Program (GAPP)

The GovAI Policy Program (GAPP) is a part-time program that allows talented graduate students and professionals to deepen their expertise, expand their network, and build a technically informed understanding of the AI development and deployment landscape. 

Members of the GAPP cohort will participate in an 8-week interdisciplinary program, coordinated by the Centre for the Governance of AI. The program is structured around guided self-study, workshops, and seminars on artificial intelligence and the immediately pressing policy issues it poses, with an eye toward their longer term implications. Topics covered include AI standards and regulation, governing AI hardware, and international cooperation on AI. The program also includes discussions with world-leading experts in AI development, policy, and governance. The material has been designed to distil key context on the current AI landscape and give cohort members hands-on experience engaging with policy questions, while also accommodating busy work or academic schedules.

The Centre for the Governance of AI has alumni and staff with experience working in government, top AI labs including DeepMind and OpenAI, and think tanks such as the Center for Security and Emerging Technology. GAPP cohorts will have access to this wide range of expertise. 

This year’s iteration is the first-year pilot of GAPP. As a result, participation is invite-only based on recommendations from partners working in AI governance and policy talent development. Participants on the GAPP will generally have graduated from a master's or doctoral program, be currently enrolled in a graduate studies program, or have at least two years of professional experience related to national security, law, economics, public policy, international relations, computer science, or a related field. We may make exceptions for unusually promising candidates.

If you are potentially interested in joining the next cohort of the GovAI Policy Program (likely running in April/May 2024), please fill out this form and we will reach out to you once applications open. 

For those interested in pursuing a more research-oriented career, we also run a three-month research fellowship based in Oxford.

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