Bruce Schneier and Gillian Hadfield on Securing a World of Physically Capable Computers

Computer security is no longer about data; it’s about life and property. This change makes an enormous difference, and will inevitably disrupt technology industries. Firstly – data authentication and integrity will become more important than confidentiality. Secondly – our largely regulation-free Internet will become a thing of the past. Soon we will no longer have a choice between government regulation and no government regulation. Our choice is between smart government regulation and stupid government regulation.

Given this future, Bruce Schneier makes a case for why it is vital that we look back at what we’ve learned from past attempts to secure these systems, and forward at what technologies, laws, regulations, economic incentives, and social norms we need to secure them in the future. Bruce will also discuss how AI could be used to benefit cybersecurity, and how government regulation in the cybersecurity realm could suggest ways forward for government regulation for AI.

Bruce Schneier is an American cryptographer, computer security professional, privacy specialist and writer. Schneier is a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, and a program fellow at the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute.

Gillian Hadfield is the inaugural Schwartz Reisman Chair in Technology and Society at the University of Toronto as well as Professor of Law and Professor of Strategic Management. She is also Director of the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society. Gillian will be speaking about Reflections on Governance Solutions.

You can watch the recording of the event here.

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