Stable Agreements in Turbulent Times: A Legal Toolkit for Constrained Temporal Decision Transmission

This century, advanced artificial intelligence (“Advanced AI”) technologies could radically change economic or political power. Such changes produce a tension that is the focus of this Report. On the one hand, the prospect of radical change provides the motivation to craft, ex ante, agreements that positively shape those changes. On the other hand, a radical transition increases the difficulty of forming such agreements since we are in a poor position to know what the transition period will entail or produce. The difficulty and importance of crafting such agreements is positively correlated with the magnitude of the changes from Advanced AI. The difficulty of crafting long-term agreements in the face of radical changes from Advanced AI is the “turbulence” with which this Report is concerned. This Report attempts to give readers a toolkit for making stable agreements—ones that preserve the intent of their drafters—in light of this turbulence.

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