Artificial Intelligence and International Security

This syllabus covers material located at the intersection between artificial intelligence (AI) and international security. The syllabus can be used in structured self-study (or group-study) for those new to this space, or as a resource for instructors designing class-specific syllabi (which would probably have to be significantly shorter). It is designed to be useful to (a) people new to both AI and international relations (IR); (b) people coming from AI who are interested in an IR angle on the problems; (c) people coming from IR who are interested in working on AI. Depending on which of groups (a)-(c) you fall in, it may be feasible to skip or skim certain sections. For sections that you are particularly interested in, do consider diving into the sources cited in the readings—for most topics what I have assigned just skims the surface and is intended only as a starting point.

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